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Solar powered battery chargers -Your Guide


Are you interested in investing in a solar powered battery charger?

How do you get a good deal on a solar powered battery charger?

What are the features you expect from your selection ?


Some tips on choosing the correct solar powered battery charger for your needs.

When you choose a solar powered battery charger you will want to take a good look at the output power offered by the device. You will have to assess the amount of watts that the solar powered charger will give you, a good rule of thumb to go by is that of a solar panel to power five watts should be the minimum when you choose a charger. There are, however, 10 and 20 watt solar powered battery chargers that are more powerful and therefore the power output will be more. If you want to use the solar powered charger to power your laptop or notebook that you will need a device that will provide at least 20 watts of power. You will find, however, that the more watts the solar powered charger gives you the bigger and heavier the unit and the cost of this type of chargers is, of course, more expensive.

You will also want to assess the type of built-in battery that the solar powered charger has. Some hybrids solar powered chargers on the market have a special internal battery embedded inside the device. Solar panels on the charger collect the sun’s energy and then recharge the internal battery, which is placed inside the charger. You can then plug the device into your equipment and operate the equipment with the charged battery. These hybrid solar powered devices can be charged with a single watt output, and you will find that the hybrid chargers are smaller, lighter, less expensive than other that offers larger solar panels and they can charge devices with considerable speed. You do, however, face some disadvantages with the hybrid solar powered battery charger. For one thing, eventually the internal battery will no longer work and you’ll have to replace the device.

Second, if you get low power from the solar panel it will take a much longer time to charge the internal battery. When shopping for a solar powered battery charger you will need to consider what you use the charger for. If you plan to use the solar powered battery charger for the needs of survival and emergency situations, you’ll need an ultra reliable unit. However, if you are simply looking for greener options for your needs in battery power, almost any solar powered battery charger will work for you: these devices cause less waste of the battery, they are best for the Environment, and you can save money on batteries too. In the meantime, if you need a solar powered battery charger for use in hiking or backpacking, you’ll want an extra lightweight device, which is toteable and simple to use.

You still need to remember that when it comes to a solar powered battery charger that the device needs the most direct sunlight to give you the power. Larger devices to collect solar energy are more efficiently. You will also want to use direct sunlight, without barriers such as glass windows, to draw the most power from the sun as possible to charge your solar powered battry charger.

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In using solar energy as an alternative energy source is good, then how good is it for you to use the solar powered battery charger.

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