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Solar Energy: We Talk About Solar Powered Radios



Solar energy radios.

Today many people buy these types of radios as part of their home emergency kits preparing for possible natural disasters. Hurricane Katrina, wildfires in southern California, and the string of snowstorms every winter has made many people realize how much they are unprepared for these uncontrollable forces of nature. Every home should have one of these solar energy powered radios kept in a safe place. They should also have a first aid kit, some canned goods, water, several solar energy flashlights and a hand crank solar energy radio. This last point is that many do not take this into account at first, but after a while you realize you have to have some form of communication with the outside world, it could be a necessity.

These radios which are solar energy powered are entirely surprising, because they are completely autonomous from the mains grid power as you can get. They can have a solar energy panel for power, or you can turn the handle to generate electricity. Let these solar powered radios be one of the things you have and see how they can help you prepare for the worst.

The first thing to understand is that these solar powered radios are very cool and have an intigrated powerful energy crank as well as a solar energy panel, or they can be plugged into a wall outlet and run by the standard home electricity. Many units also have a way to connect a USB cable, that comes with it, to a computer to charge the battery. That’s fine, but they can also be powered by solar energy or the handle of the generator. These solar powered radios have a small solar energy panel built into them and all you need to do is expose to a light source or sunlight outside and charge the built in Ni-MH battery.

These specialized batteries are supposed to be able to be charged to eighty percent of the capacity of more than ten years, so that makes them very good at what they do. The solar energy panel is fastened with hinges so you can turn it to gather the most direct source of light. Solar energy is good, but when it is cloudy or at night and you have a problem, that’s where the gererator crank on these radios come into use. There is a handle on the side to turn the generator, which in turn powers the built in battery pack. Usually you have to turn the generator for several minutes, as about one turn is a minute of life for the batteries so that makes the radios energy cell much easier to use.

Most of these solar powered radios come in several different sizes and types. Of course, they all come standard with AM and FM bands, and establishment of these stations is very easy to do. What makes them special is that most units come with shortwave as well. Shortwave frequencies are ideal in emergency situations. Some of these solar radios also come with special frequency bands like the weather, police, fire or marine radio signals that are specialised and very useful in emergencies and disaster situations. You will find shortwave radio stations get better reception at night, while the signals during the day are a bit limited. Some of these solar energy radios come with their own special antennas that can be unwound and strung to the other side of the room for better reception.

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    • 1500mAh is 1,500 milliamp-hours, its bslacaily a measurement of how long the battery might last. larger number is more life. i wouldn’t worry about putting 6v from these panels into your phone, as the nominal voltage for a USB cord is around 5v anyway. the phone will be the smarts of your charger, it should turn the charge off when they’re done. as for the amperage, the solar lights’ panels are probably puny and cant be more than 300mAh each. this will not cook your phone.

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