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Solar Traffic Lights



Solar Energy Powered Traffic Lights

If you’ve ever worked with local government to have a traffic light installed, you know the frustration that accompanies it. Your application may be approved immediately. Sounds good, but a traffic light, if necessary you may still wait months or years to be approved in the budget. Since the budget process can be anywhere from several weeks to 18 months, it is not always practical to wait that long. If you know that you will need to wait a considerable amount of time you can apply for approval to buy and install your own style traffic light powered by solar energy.

Solar Traffic Lights For Companies

Having city officials approve the installation of a personal solar traffic light is particularly useful advice for small business owners who need solutions to traffic today. If it is not uncommon to have a traffic jams in your parking lot for some small businesses traffic lights can be the ideal solution.

Because the parking area is owned by you, the business owner, the responsibility of having  traffic lights can fall on your shoulders. However, you should always have your own traffic lights approved by the governments of the city and installed by professionals that they recommend.

Solar Traffic Lights For Farms and Districts Storage

There are some areas that are not constrained by strict government standards. A good example is a farm that is not an industrial area. Another good example is a large area or self contained warehouse owned by a single company. These two areas are likely to contain large amounts of traffic. They can also drive heavy machinery which does not allow you to hear other vehicles very well so the need for traffic lights is essential.

Vehicles Special Need Traffic Lights

Large farms are known for their heavy noisy equipment. Unlike many cars, a combine or tractor may not be flashing its lights or sounding its horn so you cannot hear if you drive a tractor. For problem areas that have lots of agricultural traffic, and simple traffic lights, can be extremely effective. However, in the past, they were not affordable, because you need to have electricity run to the area where the traffic lights are to be installed.

Installation of electricity in a rural area can be a huge expense in itself. With traffic lights powered by solar energy, this problem is solved. Although they can be connected to a main power supply, in general, modern models are autonomous units. This means that you just simply need to mount the traffic lights on a suitable pole, start them up and everything else is taken care of.


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