Solar powered fans: A Buyer’s Guide

solar powered

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Solar powered fans: A Buyer’s Guide





Solar powered fans are the end product.


Solar Powered fans work best when they’re needed the most. As the sun starts to sizzle, these devices kick into action and provide a nice cooling breeze–for free!

Another great thing about solar fans is that you can install them anywhere. You don’t have to worry about electrical outlets and power cords. It’s just the fan, man.

There are many different kinds of solar fans you can buy. Here are some of the most popular:

Solar Powered Fan for the Attic

Your attic needs ventilation to reduce the tremendous amount of heat that builds up as the sun beats down on the roof. Heat creates moisture, and moisture turns into rust, rot, bacteria, and mold. These are not things you want in your house.

Besides creating a health hazard, the heat in your attic travels down through your house, warming every room. Have you ever noticed that during an unusually cool summer day your house is still brutally hot? That’s because the stifling air in your attic has nowhere to go but down.

Solar powered fans in the attic cool your entire house by creating a draft that draws all the hot indoor air up into the attic and out the fan. Meanwhile, cool outside air is sucked into the house through the windows. The result is a cool, healthy attic–and house!

Solar Powered Fans in The Gable

Like attic fans, solar powered fans in the gable end ventilate and cool your attic. But whereas attic fans lie on the roof itself, gable fans are installed in the gables, naturally. Although smaller that attic fans, gable fans can be powerful. One 10 watt solar powered fan mounted in the gable can ventilate 1,200 square feet. These solar fans are also perfect for garages, barns, lofts, workshops, or storage sheds–anyplace where moisture might cause mold and mildew.

Solar Powered Vent

Vents are smaller than gable fans. They’re perfect for smaller spaces where moisture accumulates, like on your boat. I know someone who even installed a solar powered vent on his doghouse. Now that’s a lucky dog! You could also put one on your camper, RV, or van. These small solar powered fans will keep everything cool and clean–at no cost!

Solar power is here to stay. One of the world’s leading futurists, Ray Kurzweil, told The New York Times that solar power would be as important a source of energy as fossil fuels in about 5 years. And he firmly believes that in a couple of decades, all our energy will be derived from clean sources. 

But you don’t have to wait. There are many solar products than can help you save money–and the environment–right now. And there’s no better place to start than with a solar powered fan.

About the Author

Jim Henderson often writes about alternative energy sources. To find out more about solar powered fans and where you can buy them, please visit Solar Powered Fans.

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