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Information on Solar Energy and Power






Solar Energy and Power

In just one minute, the sun produces enough solar energy for humans to use for an entire year. Harnessing solar energy was one of the highest achievements of man in the last century. There are so many options when it comes to using powerful solar energy for power, it seems unbelievable.

People have been using solar energy for power since the 1970s. The first usual implementation for solar energy started very small, as small pocket calculators, because the development costs of solar panels needed to create solar energy was extremely high. The costs have decrease as time has moved on due to advances in technology, knowledge and increased production, cutting costs.

Solar power has also grown, such as gathering solar energy on a mass of large mirrors and use them to focus a stream of sunlight pointed in one direction. This causes heat to rise, usually in a liquid, and this heat medium is used as a power source. The suns energy is also used to collect heat in thermal solar collector panels. People use this solar energy method to heat their homes and buildings.

We also use solar energy to heat water and air and create electricity. Solar energy panels are filled with cells that convert sun light into electricity and send it through a system so it can be used to provide electricity for the building. These types of systems are used when the location is such that the regular public services are not available. Many people use solar energy to reduce their monthly bills. An initial startup cost for the installation of solar panels at home can be very high, however that cost can be recovered over time. Unfortunately the use of solar panels is not as common as it could be.

Using solar energy is a good way to be environmentally friendly. As the installation costs are reduced, people are more likely to want to convert their homes to use solar energy. The benefits of using any type of natural resources are many. Solar energy is the cleanest source of heating and electricity production.

Another way solar energy is used by people today is in greenhouses. Farmers use the sun to provide the perfect environment year round cultivation of specialized plants or to continue the off-season production. They also use these panels to dry crops and manure, weatherize and maintain temperatures in chicken houses and supply power to water pumps. The benefits are numerous and agricultural people around the world use solar energy technology.

Solar energy is used to work in places where the laying of a cable line would not be possible. For example, work that is done in space would require some kind of grid power made available. All satellites in the atmosphere are powered by solar energy. There is no source more viable than to use the sun.

There are solar panels used to heat water as well but these panels might have be emptied of all water to prevent freezing in winter. Some systems do this automatically. This type of heating works best in places where there is plenty of sunshine and less rain or moisture. This is another method used to reduce monthly energy bill.

Solar Energy to Produce Power and Heating is The Clean Way Ahead So Lets Use It.




    • Alternate forms of energy is dfetniiely a hot topic these days. Most electricity is generated by burning coal resulting in it being environmentally released into the atmosphere. Solar energy offers a clean and renewable alternative. I work with Sharp who offers free solar energy consultations. I would recommend to anyone that if they are seriously considering taking the step and going solar to do as much research as possible and consider the benefits to both the environment and their wallet.

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