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Solar power is created by light and heat emitted by the sun, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, solar energy.

With today’s technology, we are able to capture this radiation and turn it into a usable form of solar power -. such as heating or electricity

Although you could go into technical dissertations on the subject of electromagnetic radiation, how it is converted into solar power, and the exact qualities of its electromagnetic rays, this is not something the average person needs or wants to know. All they want is the power to be had from solar energy.

But to be able to benefit from the use of solar energy, there are some facts you should know. . Knowing these facts can help you make informed decisions, when looking at the use of solar energy as a clean source of energy for your home, RV, or whatever the case

Facts on solar energy and the environment

All life on earth depends on solar energy. In fact, without solar energy, there would be no life at all. Even the lowest forms of life such as plankton and microbes, need solar energy (in the form of sunlight) to survive.

Solar energy is completely environmentally friendly, free from production of carbon emissions or any other harmful byproducts whatsoever.

Solar energy can be used successfully and cheaply across the globe. You do not need to live in a tropical climate or desert in order to benefit from the use of solar energy. Solar energy has been used successfully in many cold climates and even in polar regions.

Each part of the United States receives enough sunlight to enjoy and make use of solar energy and solar technology.

The cheapest method and most efficient use of solar energy in your home is currently using solar for heating water. In fact, for over a hundred years, solar hot water has been available commercially in the United States.

Solar energy can be used for heating homes effectively in cold climates and cooling in hot climates. In fact, solar heating has been used in many of the cooler climates countries of northern European for several decades.

Solar technology has advanced enough so that it can be profitable and a viable substitute for the regular-grid. electricity

Solar energy is rapidly increasing in popularity – so much so that demand for solar power gadgets is currently greater than supply

Facts about the use of solar energy

Solar Energy can be used to power vehicles, such as solar cars, and even some solar-powered aircraft. NASA was able to design, build and test a plane that is powered entirely by solar energy

Some examples are:. Solar battery chargers, solar flashlights, solar calculators, solar radios, attic fans solar powered, backpacks with solar power (to recharge batteries for small devices), hybrid solar chargers (for cell phones, satellite phones, and more), solar garden lights and much, much more.

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