Energy saving with solar fans







Energy saving with a solar fan






Environmental concerns are very important. People are increasingly aware of the problems that are caused by the use of dwindling resources. For this reason, many people begin to seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money too.

The heating and cooling of a home uses a lot of energy. There is a lot of waste that goes along with heating and cooling throughout the house. Not only wasted money, but much energy is also wasted on heating or cooling spaces.


Space in the attic for a solar fan

An attic is basically nothing but a storage unit of hot air. Even with insulation it can get very hot and humid in the attic. The sun heats up the attic, then transfers heat to the house. One option to address this problem is to use attic fans.

But the use of an attic fan that use conventional electricity, in addition to wasting valuable resources also cost more money to run.

The alternative to using only a plain attic fan is to use one with solar panels. These types of fan operate on solar power generated by their own panels on the roof of the house.

Solar fans operate by exhausting hot air from the attic and drawing cooler air into the house. The windows of the house must be opened so that the fan operates at its most effective. The best time to operate the solar fan is at night. That way we can enjoy the cooler air. The fan runs all night, drawing in fresh air. Then in the morning all windows are closed and the blinds or curtains closed. This keeps the house cool. Using the fan in this way allows the homeowner to save on cooling costs because he or she will not have to run the air conditioner as much, saving electricity and money.

A fan using solar power to operate are best used at night because the solar panels store up energy during the day to use at night. Then, once they are activated, either by a trip switch activated by temperature or by a manual switch system as they run on the stored power.

Solar powered fans can qualify for federal tax credits that make them more attractive to buy. Some states offer tax credits on them too. They can also increase the value of a house and make it more attractive for future buyers.

The fans should be large enough to make a complete change in air volume within 10 hours. If they do not, then they are too small and will not be effective enough ventilation and cooling a home. Although some of the fans can cost quite a bit of money they will pay for themselves over there life time by reducing your power bills.

Properly installed solar fans can work for years. Most companies offer warranties of five years or more on the fans, and some offer warranties of 25 years or lifetime warranty.

The environment should be one of the main things on everyone’s mind. People need to find ways to save the environment and use less resources. With solar powered fans this is one way to do it.

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