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Solar Powered Water Pump





Solar energy and the advent of the concept of using sunlight led to all sorts of gadgets and different equipment that run on clean, renewable energy from the sun. Although many solar energy products are novelty products, the energy source is growing in popularity as men and more women are turning to renewable energy sources. Outdoor solar powered lights, that area of real solar energy seems to grow and diversify every day.

A solar water pump works the same as an other water pumps powered by convertional energy. It really is undoubtedly more of a budget-friendly option for those who want to be realistic in their power charges. Run by solar panels and batteries for night time which are charged up during the day, a solar water pump will not cost you much more and once installed there are no running costs.

You can even choose to make your own solar panel to save money on the installation. Apart from that, running a solar water pumps also has the advantage that there use does not need conventional focil fuel supplied power which discharge harmful carbon gases. Thus, making it a big choice for the environmentally conscious.

Fountains pumps are an absolutely essential component of setting up your pond and whether or not you are building your own personal fountain table or hiring a builder to create your landscape. A monument of water to be seen from the 15 th hole of your private golf course. Whenever your water requirements when needed to be moved in a pond, fountain or an artificial waterfall, you’ll need a pump to get it moving.

Most fountain pumps are powered by electricity from either your grid power supply or through a transformer which produces a low voltage. All fountain pumps must be plugged into a connector with a circuit breaker (GCFI) which cuts the electricity supply in the case of a short circuit or fault.

Your pump should come supplied with enough sealed cable to reach your electricity supply or at least on dry land. You should never attempt to connect cables underwater or near wet patches all around your fountain. If in doubt get an electrician to connect up your fountain pump, as electricity and water are not a safe mixed.

Better to use a water pump supplied with its own sun collecting energy panel, with this it totally transforms sunlight into electrical energy. The solar cell collects sunlight turns it into electrical energy and allows the water to be pumped through it to the waterfall. This has many positive aspects far more than a standard powered fountain pump.

Firstly you do not need a principal electrical supply if you plan to use a solar power water fountain inside your backyard. This might be virtually unattainable by making use of a typical grid powered unit due to the fact you’ll require a direct Ac supply for the pump to run appropriately.

Although this solar technology may have an initially higher cost than conventional fossil fueled power, reduced maintenance and operating costs and the ability to operate without fuel makes solar energy systems cheaper to keep running.

For a small rural district using a solar pump they could use a method like this indefinitely, and it would be easy to introduce new clean fresh water at minimal cost after the purchase of initial equipment and configuration. In a much larger area, it would at least benefit the amount of water needed and reduce the pressures of survival all day.

This technology is capable of pumping hundreds of gallons of water per day, and is limited only by the amount of water available in the water table.

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