Solar Power House – does it really help the environment at this point?




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Solar Power House – does it really help the environment at this point?

Among some elements to consider a solar energy home is the supposed impact on the environment. I realized that saving 80% on my electricity bills by means of do-it-yourself solar products have a positive impact on my pocketbook, but what about the environment. Does a solar energy house actually help the environment significantly?

Here’s what I found:

Solar Power House –

In recent decades, rising concentrations of greenhouse gases were found in the Earth’s atmosphere. It has been theorized by scientists that this could lead to a boost in the average temperature of Earth’s surface. There is certainly not a universal agreement on this subject

Facts for the household:

1. Whereas our electricity is so inefficient, it represents 71% of households emissions of CO2

2. Electricity consumption of a household is responsible for more CO2 emissions than two cars

3. Electricity costs are rising between 5% and 10% annually

4. Every single rotation of your meter is equal to 10 watts

5. Your home value increases when you add solar power

6. Utilities generate CO2 when they burn fossil fuels to produce electricity. Consuming electricity created from fossil fuels, a typical house is responsible for about 22,000 pounds of CO2 each year

7. Payback for an investment in the solar system is usually between 9 and 15 years.

Solar Power House

Incentives in addition to tax credits, some states are proposing a “feed-in tariff” similar to what has recently been adopted in Gainesville, Florida, to improve interest in solar energy.

“Feed-in tariffs” are essentially a utility where you get paid a lot more than the going rate for electricity should you feed solar electricity in the network. one back in Michigan offers $ 0.65/kwh. This can be a substantial amount when one considers the state average is $ 0.11/kWh. There are bright prospects for incentives for solar energy. No pun intended

Solar Power House –  

1. The United States leads the world (a factor of poor) in carbon emissions to 22%, followed by China with 17%

2. More than 200,000 houses in the power consumption of the United States use some solar power

3. Solar panels covering 0.3% of the United States would give full power requirements

4. You will find 10,800,000 terawatts of nonrenewable energy obtainable through fuels

5 Nuclear or fossil. There are 350 million terawatts available from the sun

6. With only 15 minutes of sunlight, we could capture enough solar energy to provide the electricity for everyone in the world for a complete year.

7. In Germany, some owners rent their neighboring roofs to install solar panels and get paid for the extra electricity they feed back into the grid.

8. 1 KW solar energy is equal to the energy production from burning 170 pounds of coal resulting from 300 pounds of CO29. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable. There is a finite quantity to obtain. They will eventually diminish, or become the responsibility or too environmentally damaging to collect. Solar and wind power, on the other hand is constantly replenished and will never run out

Solar Power House –

Conclusion : You’ll find arguments convincing enough that the combustion of fossil fuels to produce energy is not harming our environment. It is also quite difficult to fight against the fact there are only a finite amount of fossil fuels available. Although we could not run out of in our lives, what about our children and their young?

Solar energy can be an enriching effect on the environment and your pocket book.

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