Solar Power – Coming Of The Absolute Black Cell



Solar Power – Coming Of The Absolute Black Cell


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Solar Power Cell Ever Changing Technology

Since the first man walked the earth thousands of years ago, we have been trying to use the suns solar energy to give us heat and light. To an extent man did have some success with solar power in varying degrees over this time span, with what they had.
It is only in the last few hundred years that the use of solar power has move on to be any success with available technology of the time. But it was not until the last 60 + years and with the evolution of space exploration that solar really took off as equipment needed to power satellites to circle the earth or be sent to distant solar systems and vehicles to roam the moon and mars.
From then till now solar power, the industry and others have found it hard to convince people to change, from conventional ways of gaining electricity for power, to the cleaner renewable source of solar power, which can be created right in your back yard or on your roof.
This is mainly due to the cost of converting to solar power.
Until now the industry standard has been to use complex, costly machinery that uses dangerous chemicals, vacuum chambers, large amounts of time, and high temperatures.
This also creates a legal nightmare and the end result, an expensive, somewhat dark coating that still bounces precious sunlight off the solar panel like a mirror.
All of this costs money and the finished products, of solar panels, have been relatively expensive to make. Although over the last few decades the price has dropped, abate slowly, due to new technology being introduced, in raw materials used, advances in manufacture of the energy capture cell and the increased in demand of people having solar power installed as an energy source.
All this is about to change and very quickly an American company Natcore Technology from Upstate New York have come up with a unique simple technology process that will the cut the cost of solar power technology in half and double solar power output.
In other words, it could make solar power as cheap as and sometimes cheaper than coal, natural gas, or nuclear.
This company’s breakthrough already has the world’s largest manufacturers lined up to secure large contracts for the product. The largest solar companies from China, India and Europe are already lining up at their door.
A move that, by itself, could bring the entire solar power industry on to an even playing field with coal and solidify this company as the major supplier of this technology.
Rather than compete with the rest of the solar power industries, this firm has invented the solution to a long standing problem. One that can be used by all solar companies, that could finally make prices drop to the point where solar power is a real, viable energy source.
In other words, this breakthrough is everything the solar power industry and mankind has been waiting for.
According to published information by the US Energy Information Administration in 2011, the solar power industry needed to drop its cost by another 50% before it was truly marketable.
This is grid parity, which is, when solar power costs are equal or less than of any other current sources of electricity.
At that time in 2011 solar panel modules were about $1.80 per watt. In the time since, the price has already come down slightly due to market forces.
In the solar power world, any light reflected, is electricity wasted and that’s a lot of electricity with the present technology to date.
You see, the solar panel cell currently in production are vastly limited. They can only absorb a small portion of the sun’s light spectrum and turn it into energy and the way they’re currently designed, that’s all they’ll ever do.

But that’s all about to change
This new technology will:
• Cut the price of solar power cell production in half
• Require less time to produce
• Create the coating on panels at room temperature
• Traps ALL available sunlight, drastically boosting power output
• Be used with any company’s current cell technology

The present typical manufactured solar cell produces an electrical output of around 17%. This new coating process is capable of harnessing power from other areas of the light spectrum and boosting the electrical output to more than 30%.
The media are calling this product “Absolute Black”
The scientific world is comparing it to reaching “Absolute Zero”.
The added darkness is ten times darker than the material being used today resulting in a dramatic increase in solar power output just from the coating
It might not sound like a huge deal, but producing the top anti-reflective coating on a solar panel is one of the most costly steps in the entire solar cell process.
This is two technologies in one that will change the solar power world.
• The first one cuts the cost in half.

• The second one nearly doubles the power output of today’s best solar panels.

This process is about to save the solar industry billions of dollars every year, by dropping the price per watt as low as coal’s.
This also gives a huge boost to the end user meaning, less solar panels to get the same amount of solar power for your property, saving money and or increasing the amount of solar power your system produces to put into the grid that the utility companies will pay you for.
Whatever way, solar power it’s going to be good for everybody in the end.
Robert Allan



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