Solar power boats, are you kidding?

Solar power boat Article by Leroy Calstard


Solar power motorboat, are you kidding?




Solar power motorboat

Solar power is becoming a suitable source of renewable energy which many people adopt. Many homes and businesses around the country already have solar panels. Many people think that solar energy is a new invention, but in reality the use of solar energy has been around for over 100 years! It is surprising that it took so long for solar power to catch on.

The use of solar energy was developed by a Russian scientific way back in 1838, he used this to create a boat run on solar power. Solar power engines have been developed further, but with the advent of the focil fuel internal combustion engine, people were less impressed with a boat run on solar energy. A boat can get more power from fossil fuels, than from solar energy.

Solar power boats did not really do much until about the 1980s where they gained much more attention. In 80 years solar energy was normally only used for small racing boats rather than creating something everyone could benefit from. There was not much research going into the creation of a large solar power boats capable of carrying many people.

Total function of partial solar power

Few people consider feeding their entire boat on nothing more than solar energy, for a start it would be difficult to use at night. Many boats have begun using solar panels to power domestic appliances such as oven, refrigerator,navigation and lighting. Many stores sell solar energy kits to add partial solar power to your boat with relative ease. Most of these solar energy kits contain everything you might need, including solar panels and any additional equipment.

There are some people who are looking for ways to fuel their boat all on solar energy rather than having to use diesel. The arguments in favor of solar energy technology are that it is completely environmentally friendly as there is no pollution caused by the use of solar panels. Solar power boats are also very quiet, almost silent while diesel boats can be extremely noisy and can create a lot of unwanted noise.

Boats with existing solar energy

You can actually buy commercial boats and personal power boats run on solar energy. However, these types of boats are not really suitable for long sea voyages.  These are just perfect for rather small trips, mainly in rivers, lakes and canals. Solar power boats are not usually strong enough to use at sea, where a sailboat is more powerful than solar power boats. This is the main reason why solar power boats are not normally used on long sea voyages, they are only suitable for short journeys.

This does not mean that the solar power boat will not become more powerful in the near future. Technology is improving every day. In perhaps 20 years, we could have ocean viable long voyage solar power boats, at least recover some of their power from solar energy.

Solar power boats for personal use, may soon be appropriate for more than rivers and excursions on the bay. Boats utilising solar power will almost certainly cost more than diesel boats, but after a few years, it should pay for itself with no fuel and low maintenance costs.

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