Solar Power House – Alternative Power From the Sun






Solar Power House – Alternative Power From the Sun






Solar energy in the home used for heating and electricity by means of the sun’s energy.


Solar power bonuses are clear from home owners to specific business and governments. Throughout the growing apprehension about rising energy prices and environmental effects due to the use of fossil fuels, many households are turning to solar energy as a mother of renewable electricity. A sunny day means lots of solar rays. The sun shines almost a thousand watts of power per square meter of the Earth’s surface. Photovoltaic cells can turn this sunshine in power, and this energy can be used to pump water, light and heat homes, businesses, and run all kinds of appliances.

Solar electric panels are built using photovoltaic cells.  Generally they are mounted on the roof of a building. As a rule, they are placed in a site that attracts the most sunlight throughout the day. Solar rays strikes the photovoltaic cells and a section of the light is absorbed in a semiconductor, usually silicon. The power is generated by electron capture which turns to electricity, then the current buildup in the solar cells runs through a connecting wire from the solar panel into a solar charge controller (inverter). From there, the current flows by wire to a bank of deep cycle batteries, which provides energy for domestic use. Energy requirements of the households is dependant on the power stored in the batteries, and solar panels to recharge the batteries when the load drops below a certain level.

The solar system, in fact, can also be wired up to the normal electric grid system. This principle is known as net metering. This allows single individuals to sell excess energy produced by solar domestic systems to the utility companies, sometimes at a premium figure.  This happens during periods when there is more power generated by the solar system, than is being used by the house and the electric meter actually runs backwards, providing energy generated by the solar panels into the grid. When the home uses electricity in the evening, the counter will run forward again, and the energy used is charged to the household. Generally you supply more solar power to the grid system than you use. In some areas, the government approved a bill that will accommodate a payment in the amount of a “cents per kilowatt hour” formula for electricity produced that gets sent into the power grid. On average, utilities companies pay four to eight cents an hour, which means that a solar-powered homes or business can actually see a profit on energy!

The major expense of home solar energy is engaged during installation, and with government grant programs in cities around the world, the rate of installation of solar panels is expanding. Free solar energy systems has zero-emissions to the atmosphere, require little or no maintenance, and more panels can be added at a later time to increase energy production. Solar energy is widely available from the sun’s rays, but may still be harvested, even on cloudy days.

In case of network failure, as some cities endure in the summer, solar energy generated will still provide power to operate the home. Because solar home systems have no moving parts, they are extremely reliable, they typically provide energy for twenty to twenty-five years before any intervention is necessary. Even the governments recognizes the benefit of electricity the house supplies through solar energy, and provides a tax credit per cent of cost to those who install solar energy systems at home.

How to stay alive out of the energy grid and feel the rush that freedom can provide of being out of the dependence of the electrical network. The free energy from wind, sun and water. Sure that sounds wonderful, does not it?

Smart Home owners who are sick of paying more and more for electricity and energy. “How do you want to unplug your house from your Electrical Company, Knowing you are ‘100% Powered By Nature “With Renewable Energy? “If a person has ever wanted to stop wasting money on their electric bill, help the global economy and save the Earth, then they reached the right article. Home produced solar energy helps someone slash their electricity bill by 80% or even eliminate them completely.



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