How strong is 1.5 kilowatts from a solar PV system?



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How strong is 1.5 kilowatts from a solar PV system




Photovoltiac (PV)

Of the Photovoltiac (PVsolar panel systems the most common size for residential applications is a 1.5 kilowatt system as many suburban homes cannot be fitted with larger photvoltiac panels  because of two major factors;

Firstly; the available roof space for a 1.5 KW PV system alone requires about 150 foot of available roof space which often is in a 10 x 15 foot dimension. Secondly is the cost; the bigger the PV system the higher the out-of-pocket expense is to you.

However of course, the bigger the photovoltiac system you install the more power you can generate, and so the more savings on your electricity bill. So if your roof can accommodate it, we suggest it makes much better economic sense to go for a bigger system.

Take a 1 kilowatt and a 1.5 kilowatt PV system for instance, if you deduct the government solar rebates and incentives then a good quality 1 KW PV system would cost around $4000, and the 1.5 KW approx $4500, so you can get 50% more power output for just an additional $500………it won’t take very long to save that much money for an average family via their reduced electricity bill!
But the most common question that we get from consumers is how strong is 1.5 KW’s? Well 1.5 KW PV solar system is equivalent to 1500 watts, and an average household uses about 1800 watts per day.

However the fact is that your solar photovoltiac panel system will not always produce the maximum power output; its full output potential can only be met with the perfect conditions, which requires a cloud free day and your locations peak sun hours.

As the sun gradually rises the power output from the PV system gradually increases until it reaches the maximum power output possible for your system, and then as the sun sets the output gradually decreases until the sun is no longer available. It is a fact that the power output is directly proportional to the sun hours and its intensity, though other factors play a part as well. Your PV system will still generate some power even on cloudy days or in winter, just not as much.

All of this can still work in your favour though; Peak sun hours for your solar PV system are generally in the middle of the day when you aren’t using lots of electricity, but thanks to your new “smart meter” and the feed in tariff system you should be able to export that excess electricity that your PV system created back to the grid when you don’t need it, and then import some back during your heavy usage times for a cheaper rate then you were paid for it……good deal!

So one thing is certain, if you make the switch to a green and clean solar energy photovoltiac system you will enjoy its benefits and probably want more panels to be installed on your roof system.

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